Redefining a genre.

The intent of Intimate Portraiture can mean different things to different people. For Shira W Rose studios, it's a movement to redefine the Beauty & Boudoir genre to celebrate and inspire a message of body-positive, self-love & acceptance of all body types. It's a gift for yourself first rather than for another. It is a celebration of you on your terms embracing and even falling in love with those little details you think are flaws, the curves, those tiny imperfections that make you...more beautiful and unique because every ounce of it is you.

Our clientele is primarily people who are recognizing a transition in their lives. They may be newly partnered, newly single, celebrating a milestone, planning a family, done having children, or are feeling healthy again after illness.. They are acknowledging who they are and where they are in their lives right here and right now.

Intimate Portraiture is about you embracing you and seeing yourself for the extraordinarily beautiful being that you are today, not 15 pounds from now, not perfect abs from now...just today and now.

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