“Every woman should have beautiful and meaningful portraits of herself!”

Maybe you've put yourself on the back-burner, caring for everyone but you. Perhaps you've remained in the background for a long time and not felt worthy of letting yourself feel beautiful. Maybe you've thought you weren't thin enough, pretty enough, or brave enough to let that fire of yours burn bright and be seen… perhaps you even thought you lost that fire long ago. I am here to remind you, you didn't. I am here to unleash that inner fire and let you see yourself as the stunning beauty that you are, right here and right now.

Inspired by two highly influential women in my life, Marge & Betty is a movement designed to uplift women through the power of portraiture. It is a celebration of body diversity of all shapes and sizes. A journey to self-love and acceptance. A platform to instill confidence and return to a place of inner power, strength, and love, one body at a time.

Services Offered

Beauty •Boudoir • Bridal Boudoir •Maternity Boudoir • Fine Art Nude

Portraiture, to me, is to capture one's authentic beauty. As a woman, when you sit before my camera, it's not about perfection, but rather a return to femininity and that certain sparkle that makes you uniquely you. I create character capturing imagery, beautiful albums, and stunning framed wall art. I also create an experience that is not only designed to evoke confidence but have some serious fun along the way.

“I am on a mission to fix the crowns of Queens.”